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Hello, my name is Mike Heltborg W7NPA

Ever since I was a small boy I have been interested in antiques. When I got my ham radio license this interest just carried over into my new hobby. When I discovered Fair Radio Surplus I ordered a Wireless Set # 19 Mk III set, it came with all the accessories for $47.95. This radio was one of my early novice stations, unfortunately I don't have this radio now. I did find a Wireless Set # 19 Mk II set, In my quest for missing accessories for this radio I came across Bob's VE3BDB web site. Here are some of the radios that I have in my collection. Click on any of the radio model #'s for photos and details. I have since added several new radios to my collection, including the a PRC-174 HF manpack radio. This is the radio in the two photos on my home page..

I have expanded my interests from just Military Radios past to the present to also include Military Vehicles. Thats why there are pages on my mil vehicle and also photos of mil vehicles that I have taken.

Enjoy, Mike W7NPA

New Web Pages, My M35A2 and Mil Videos, inside the M-60, and Photos of 2010 living History Day, also a new web page on our Ft Stevens Trip now updated 12-24-10. New additions to the manual Page; 12-24-10 New manuals added, TCS and Manuals for the M35A2 and M105A, Command set Manuals, Sunair RT-9000, and Surplus Conversion Manuals.

  1. GRC-19

  2. GRC-9

  3. PRC-47

  4. My M35A2 Duece and a Half

  5. Military Vehicles Page

  6. Military Armored Vehicles Videos

  7. Inside the M-60 Tank

  8. Military Antenna Mount for Civilian Trucks

  9. My WW2 IHC M-5H-6-361 6x6

  10. Salem Military Show

  11. 2002 Ft Stevens Photos

  12. Living History Day 2010

  13. Ft Stevens Or 2010

  14. An - TGC - 20 - Shelter

  15. GRC-106

  16. PRC-174

  17. Manuals Page

Interesting sites and links

AC6V reference site Great site all kind of information

Fair Radio Surplus

QRZ web page

The Wireless Set # 19 Web Site
A great site for WW-2 Mark 19 Radio Sets and Acc.

Mark's Green Trucks
This is a great site about a couple of military vehicles and the care and work that goes into restoring and making them roadworthy

ARRL Web Site

ARRL Code Pratice Site

ON8PO's Museum
Here is a great group of photos from Matthieu ON8PO Museum everything from radios to military tracked vechicles.

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