Photos and New Projects
Hi Folks, This is a collection of photos of most of the radios and other toys that I have collected over the last couple years. Info on the bikes as follows, the Goldwing was a 1981. I put over 100,000 miles on this bike and decided that it was time for a new one. The Nomad is made by Kawasaki. It's basically a Harley want to be! It's a 2004 1500CC V twin. It uses fuel injection and starts very easily. The photo of me on the Nomad was taken 1-1-2013 of last year, cold but fun!! On the radio side of things, The BC-191 transmits and I have had it on air on 80 meters. The BC-312 has the dynamotor in it and works very well. The BC-223 transmitter also came up and puts about 14 watts into the dummy load. This is the pair that I have built the cabinet for and hope to have in the Deuce this summer. I will adding to this page as time permits and some of the photos will be used in new web pages as I get time.

More on the next set of photos. Last summer ( 2013 ) the Military Vehicle Preservation Association had a National Miltary Vehicle Convention in Portland Or. One of the high lights was to get tickets for my wife and I to go for a ride and swim in a WWII Duck! There were 9 Ducks in all and around 160 people had a very fun ride to the Columbia River and a great swim with Mount Hood in the back ground.

Also I took photos of Mil Vehicles that were on display on the convention floor. A very nicly restored Nam erea V-100 APC that I had the chance to help with the radios and intercom system along with a Sout APC that are owned by a good friend of mine. I drooled over a 5 ton 6X6 truck M923 that was also very nicely restored.

And last but not least a photo of me on the Nomad, so far for the last two years I have been able to go for a ride on New Years Day! it was a pretty nice ride that afternoon and a great way to start the New Year.

One more toy that I forgot! Yep my TD-7 Dozer. Boy talk about a fun way to take out your frustration! Anyway yep I know that it is not OD green, But it has tracks! Great points about it is the 6 way blade, the diesel engine, newer under carage and tracks and did I say that it is tracked! It has a huge winch on the back of the dozer that is not working at this time and will a big job to repair, but will be very handy when its working again!