My AN/TGC-20 Shelter

This shelter started life as an Air Force Teletype Central Office Shelter. It was built by Alder Electronics in the early sixty's.

I don't think that it was intended to be mounted on the back of a duce and half 6X6 truck as it is too wide to fit in the bed like the S-280 shelter. It is mounted on mobilizer axles that could be removed when they got it towed to where ever it was going to be used. It is built like the other shelters, that is, aluminum skins over a frame work with a foam layer in between the two skins. It originally had a 3 ton air conditioner/ heater unit in the front corner of the shelter. This box took up a lot of room inside. The shelter was setup to be used with two gensets.

I had quite a time towing this shelter home as I used an full sized 4X4 Ford truck which looks like a toy truck along the shelter. We just took our time and never got over 50 miles an hour and had no problems.

I took out the air conditioner/heater as it didn't work, and would take a big genset to run, if it worked and it took up a lot of interior space that could be used for mount radios.

At this time I am in the process of installing antenna mounts and getting it setup to hold a number of radios. I am thinking about mounting an AN/GRC-106 RTTY system along with an Model 28 teletype, an AN/GRC-19 for AM and CW work and an RT-524 for the tactical FM that we use at the shows and meets. I have a number of photos and I will adding to them as work progresses on the install of the radios. The last 3 photos are of an antenna mount that I made for the shelter. I am using an AB-15 mount and the MS-116, MS-117, and MS-118 mast sections to make the 15 foot whips. I can set the whip either straight up or at a 45 degree angle or horizontal to the ground.

updated Feb 29, 2004 8:11:15 PM