Radio Set

Radio Set GRC-9 is a low power radio transmitter and receiver that may be used in either ground or vehicular installations. The radio set receives and transmits CW or AM in the 2 to 12 mc range.
That paragraph was taken out of the GRC-9 manual, but it don't tell you about all the fun it is to use this little set! It replaced the BC-1306 set with greater frequency coverage and used all of its accessories. It had a multitude of power supplies that could be used with it, everything from a hand-cranked generator to dynamotor power supplies, to a small gas engine generator, or even a battery pack for the receiver. Avco Corporation manufactured the radio set that I have, and I use the DY-88 dynamotor power supply with it. This supply uses eather 6, 12, or 24VDC for primary input power.
The transmitter runs about 15 watts output on CW in high power or about 7 watts in low. On AM it runs 7 watts on high or 3 watts in low. It uses grid modulation on AM, and has full break-in CW. It will match a 15 whip for vehicle use or a long wire, or a resonant antenna. The transmitter uses a neon lamp in a red holder to show antenna matching.

The receiver uses 1.5 filament tubes in it and has about an 8-kc bandwidth that is ideal for AM use. To me it is much more stable then the TCS-12 receiver and is more selective! I have used the radio both at home and mobile and it does a fine job for its power output. For more information see the magazine Electric Radio (April 1998 page 30) has a nice article on this radio.
Here are some new photos that I have taking of the accs for the GRC-9. Credit for the photo of the genset goes to N7EPI.

Gas Generator and Accs Headphones and M-52 mic
Power cords for the GRC-9 The DY-88 Dynamotor