Military Armor Videos

This winter I bought a new camera and I had it with me at Camp Withycombe. One of its features is that it will shoot video. When the guys fired up their armored tracked vehicles, I just had to take videos of them driving around. I have videos of 3 different tracked vehicles.

I have been working with these videos which are in the AVI format. they are big files, 30Mb being about the smallest one. I found a video convertor that was freeware to convert them to the smaller ASF format files. I will be the first one to say that I do not know a lot about video and the software for it. So on that note, no fancy editing, just small fun videos to watch and enjoy!

Also here is a link to a freeware media player that works quite well. This link was provided by a good friend of mine, Dave Ross N7EPI.

A M-75 Armored Personnel Carrier

  1. M-75
  2. M-75-1
  3. M-75-2

M-3 Stuart light tank

  1. M-3
  2. M-3-1
  3. M-3-2
  4. M-3-3
  5. M-3-4

M-60 Patton Tank

  1. M-60-1
  2. M-60-2
  3. M-60-3
  4. M-60-4
  5. M-60-5