Military Vehicles Page

Hello everybody. I am starting this page to go along with the military radios. John Whitten III WB5FXH / ARR4AQ / AAM4EMS was nice enough to send a photo of three different vehicles that he has! The first is a M151A1 Mutt, a Gamma Goat and a gas-burning Deuce and a half. The Deuce has a PRC-47 mounted in it. The Mutt and the Gamma Goat have VRC-12 FM rigs mounted in them.

If you have any military vehicle photos that you would like to share! I will be happy to post them on this page. Thanks Mike

Hello Everybody
I just found these photos of a Military WWII 1/2 ton Dodge pannel truck that I had owned back in the early 80's. It had been modified quite a bit, both the body, with the fender skirts and lots of mechanial mods. The best one being that the 4 speed tranny was replaced with a 5 speed, a compound low in first gear and fifth was a overdrive! Coupled with a two speed transfer case, it worked well both off and on road. I got stupid and sold this truck quite a while back, as usual the 20-20 hindsight is now working great!

Other Photos I have taken of Mil Vehicles