Salem Military Radio Show

This event was put together by Chris K6FIB and Fred WA7OOB as a way to show off and use the Green Radios that they and the rest of the group have collected and restored.

The folks that were at the event were Chris K6FIB, Fred WA7OOB, Dave N7EPI, Mike W7NPA And Lynn W7DOU.

Robin Bartel showed up Saturday Afternoon in a WWII weapons carrier with a complete & pristine BC-654 in it and a inert .50 cal BMG on it. Getting ready to leave, he could not get it started - we appointed a troubleshooting committee and sent Robin and Lynn into town to buy a new coil for the old gal - cranked right up. (this was from Dave N7EPI's e-mail)

I have thumbnailed all of the photos. Just click on them for a full size version.

The Group Photo

From left to right, Dave N7EPI, Hue Miller, Fred WA7OOB, Lynn W7DOU, Mike W7NPA, and Chris K6FIB .

This is Chris K6FIB and Chris's friend Henry talking with Dave N7EPI with a number of Chris's radio's on the table.

Here is Chris K6FIB showing us the latest look in Pack set radios. He has on a PRC-25 and acc.

This is Mike W7NPA's Ford truck with an GRC-106, MD-522, RT-524, and a model 15 teletype plus an home-brew 28VDC supply

Dave N7EPI's radios

The sand colored radio is a manpack receiver and the second radio is Dave's PRC-47 and Mite RTTY setup.

This is Jake KD7QJO who is a 9 year old Ham. He was having a great time packing around first the PRC-25 and then Fred WA7OOB let him try out his PRC-74 HF pack Radio.

These are the photos of Robin Bartel and his weapons carrier.

The photos came from Mike W7NPA and other friendly folks at the event.

Created 06-28-02, updated 7-4-02