My WW2 IHC M-5H-6-361 6x6

A 1945 M-5H-6-361 International Harvester 6x6 Truck

I have been wanting a big truck for quite a while. I was talking with a logger who was working by the house one afternoon, when the subject of military trucks came up. He told me that he had a 6x6 in his scrap yard and he would pull it out and to come by and take a look! Anyway this is the truck that was in his scrap yard. The truck has had its frame lengthen by 3 feet, (this is shown in the photos) as the truck was used in the logging industry. At this time it is 14 feet from the back of the cab to the end of the frame. It has a steel diamond plate cab roof on it now, but originally had a canvas roof and half doors.

I had planed to get a radio shelter to go on the back of the truck. But those plans changed when I got the M35A2.

I have already been doing some work on it. I have pulled the radiator to flush it and have checked the valves to see if there are any stuck ones. I found 3 of them that are stuck, and I have penetrating oil on them. I have had the engine rolling over using the starter. I now have to the head gasket set for the engine and had planed to pull the head over the 4th of July weekend. I would like to have had the engine running by the end of summer, but health problems got in the way. The health problem are still here but hopefully will be taken care of real soon. (2007)

We did get all of the Health problems taken care of.

Fast Forward (2008) After looking at how much time and Money (lots of money) it would take to make this truck run again and look right I bought the M35A2 Diesel Truck instead. Kind of a shame as I really like the looks of this International Harvester 6x6 Truck, but just not enough time and money to go around..

I have added an whole series of photos on the truck, just click on any of the thumbnails for the full size photo.

A fellow from France sent me these photos of the M-5H6! This what my truck looked like when it was new!

updated 05-25-10